My First Post!

Having departed from my teens a few years ago, I now lie at the cusp of  innumerable opportunities awaiting me to tread on their paths. Career-wise, I often get asked by almost everybody what I’m doing or would like to pursue. Having dealt with leukemia( I hope it’s not named after anybody, if it is, god bless that guy!), but more so, the side-effects of a bone-marrow transplant,( at the time when it was done, none of the doctors could be confirmed as vampires), which doesn’t have an established permanent cure, I’m a little skeptic as to how I can achieve all my goals and fulfill all my dreams, yet, at the same time, I’m wierdly optimistic.I read somewhere that it’s a common trait of a piscean, which could be true, but I cannot leave everything I do or I am to the will of a couple of masses, which must be bored out of their wits,doing the same damn thing day-in and day-out; or others, which even fail to be recognized ( I feel for you, Pluto).I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to do what I’m meant to do and be what I’m meant to be. But I know that I’m gonna do it no matter what. Sometimes, I don’t say too much about my ambitions because I’m not sure how the other person would react to it, and sometimes because I already know what to expect as an answer. I went to an educational counsellor a couple of years ago, who undertook a DMIT ( Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), to understand a person’s true potential; and careers that they may be well- suited to. My test reports were great and showed greater results( I can sense applause from the empty seats),  there were some things that I needed to work on to further improve. But there was one part that stood out: That I was not a natural goal setter, and I would focus more on the needs of others instead of my own. That I was  setting goals based on what other people thought I should do, rather than what I really wanted. That I wasn’t able to assert myself, and that I would avoid conflicts; I used to resist change. All of this was mostly true, and I’d like to work on these things. They are key to being what you want to be. The realization has dawned upon me, and I plan to work on it one way or the other. And I will. I do have many talents, which I haven’t pursued yet , but I will work on them and develop them with patience and practice.There is one thing,though, that I’ve tried in the past, and I keep doing it, and I wish to pursue in some way. Maybe forever. And it’s writing. I’ve written stuff in the past as a hobby, and current, I do have plans to pursue it professionally. My preference is fiction. Fiction, to some, may seem absurd;but if you dream it, I guess you could always create it. Thanks for being so patient with me and hearing me out! And I’m going to keep on sending links to stories that I’ve published, and tease your brains with other super stuff! Please leave feedback, wherever and whenever possible; I’d highly appreciate it( I’m open to constructive criticism as well). Thank you for your time! I hope you’ll have another lovely day,and I’m posting again real soon( minutes from now!), so please go ahead and give it a shot!